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  • Chris Lewis

    Chris Lewis

    Team-oriented software developer. Game dev hobbyist. Always eager to learn and expand my skillset! http://chrislewisdev.com/

  • Barış Dede

    Barış Dede

    Gelişmekte olan geliştirici genç. https://barisdede.com/

  • Chris I.

    Chris I.

    Full Stack Dev. Data Scientist. Ruby, Python, React, AWS. Toronto. chris.i.the.data.guy “at” gmail.com

  • Karthik.AMR


    Writer. Software Engineer.

  • Haki Benita

    Haki Benita

    Full Stack Developer, Team Leader, Independent. More from me at https://hakibenita.com

  • Sarthak Kumar

    Sarthak Kumar

    I’m a Software Engineer(Backend) who blogs sometimes and loves to learn and try new tools & technologies. My corner of the internet : https://sarthakkumar.xyz

  • Ruqiyanishath


  • Sajjad Hassanzadeh

    Sajjad Hassanzadeh

    Pythonista / Django Developer /#SOReady2Help!

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